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Trans Yoga

As a non-binary Trans identifying person myself, the practice of learning to find harmony and balance in my body and mind has been a life-long process. Through the language of Yoga I found tools for centering my mind and befriending my body. It is a personal passion of mine to pass along these tools in ways that are accessible for all bodies, trauma aware and highly reverent of the lived experience of each Trans person and their individual journey to the mat. I offer workshops in Queer and Trans spaces that aim to offer a space and tools to land in our bodies, in our breath, and to find a sense of safety and peace for a moment in the world. 

"As a person who has a lot of trouble truly inhabiting their body, Mea's session about breathing and intention was very enlightening. It was all about being comfortable with where you were, and it really helped me calm myself. I still use some of the breathing techniques they taught us, and it's improved my anxiety coping mechanisms so much. Mea breathes light into all around them, and it was truly a delight to be taught by them." - "Seeking Center" workshop participant, Maine Transnet Transgender Wellness Summit 2018

If you are a member of an organization that supports Transgender people and wishes to bring Yoga and Mindfulness practices to your offerings, please contact me to discuss making this possible. 

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