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Traditional Usui Reiki

Rei = Spirit, Universe Ki = Life Force Energy

Reiki = Universal Life Force Energy, Spirit Energy

The Usui System of Natural Healing (now known as Reiki) was developed in the early 1900s by a Tendai lay-priest named Mikao Usui. Often called an ancient practice itself, Reiki as a system in its traditional form is a drawing together of practices of spiritual development and movement of Ki (life force energy) from much more ancient systems of practice in Japan: Esoteric Buddhism, Shugendo and Shinto. Pulling from these wise sources, the system of Reiki offers tangible tools for connecting with our own Divine Center and the flow of Universal Life Force Energy in all creation. Within the traditional system of Reiki there are 5 areas of teaching: Developing Spiritual & Mental Focus, Techniques & Meditations, Hands-On Healing, Mantras & Symbols, and Reiju (Spiritual Blessing)/Attunement. All of these areas are included in each level of practice, each to draw us to the center of the teachings and to the center of ourselves. From this place of knowing, we are able to offer healing energy to ourselves and others through the various healing methods taught within the system; as well as cultivating deeper connection to our own divine center and True Nature.

Find opportunities to train in the system of Traditional Usui Reiki on the Upcoming Events page.

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