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For clients' experiences with specific modalities, explore each individual modality's page.

"Mea listens to the whole you: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You leave feeling more secure in your skin and more clear about your path to healing . Mea is so skilled and takes great care in your individual story and goals. I’m so so grateful ."

"Mea hones right in on the important elements and has that touch & energy. It's difficult to put it in words, you just know it when you feel it."

"I've received 2 sessions with Mea over the last 9 months and both times I've been blown away. Each session has held equal parts insight, clarity, calm and reassurance of that which we already know. Mea is a healer who is so connected and interested in the client being worked on. Such a gift."

"Mea is always a positive, understanding and healing energy . They truly listen and help to make sense of strange body ailments . I always leave hopeful and rejuvenated."

"My recent combination of Reiki and Polarity with Mea was an incredibly positive experience.  Mea's warm, professional manner and clear experience and knowledge are second to none."

"I went for a 60 min Reiki and Polarity session and it was something out of this world. It was my first time, and I left thinking...more people need to experience Reiki! Mea was amazing, they explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. Wonderful experience - thank you"

"This is my second time with Mea. The experience is unbelievable. I drive 2.5 hours just for this session! It’s a must experience if you find yourself in Portland. Or just take the ride. Such internal balancing!"

"Such a prolific and eye opening experience. Mea is so gifted and it was lovely! I learned so much about myself."

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