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Usui Shiki Ryoho Teachers: Barbara Foust and Sylvia Tavares

Usui Reiki Ryoho Teacher: Frans Stiene, International House of Reiki

The word Reiki translates to “spiritual energy” or “universal life force energy”. As a system, Reiki connects us to that universal energy within us - to our own True nature. From this place of connection we are able to release, re-align, and revitalize our total system: body, mind and spirit. The central philosophy of Reiki, similarly to Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy, is that when we are returned to our rooted center, we are able to come into a natural state of balance, wellness and freedom.

The results of a Reiki treatment and the experiences that a person has while receiving a Reiki treatment are entirely individual, and differ treatment to treatment as well as person to person. Many people describe profound stress relief, warmth in the body or in the hands of the practitioner, and re-connection to the center of the self. Reiki is equally effective hands-on or hands-off, and in this way can be a safe(r) modality for individuals who are sensitive to touch. Reiki is also effective as a Distance Session.


The Hands-on Healing practices within the Reiki system that are commonly associated with the system itself are one component of a comprehensive system of personal and spiritual development. To learn more about the other aspects of the Usui System/Method of Natural Healing (Reiki), check out Reiki section of the Learn tab.

"Reiki with Mea is refreshing, heartfelt, and a shared adventure. I enjoy our talks before and after, and the practice always leaves me with some new insight." 

"Mea is kind, accepting, and generous with their time and emotions. The first word that comes to mind is authenticity. To say my experience here has been life changing would be an understatement."

"My experience receiving Reiki with Mea was so healing. It allowed me to release so much stuck energy from past surgeries… was a very profound experience. I had a distinct feeling of trust and safety with Mea which allowed me to be completely present. "

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