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Polarity Therapy

Trained by the Polarity Realization Institute


Synthesized in the 1940s by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND, Polarity Therapy is an energy-based bodywork modality that honors the beauty, intricacy and wisdom of the total human system. Polarity blends the anatomic and physical knowledge of the west with the esoteric, energetic wisdom of Ayurveda, the traditional medicinal system of India. Polarity is founded on the tenet of “energy before form”, seeing every level of our being: energetic, mental, emotional and physical as interrelated. Thereby, balancing the underlying system of the energetic body can result in balance of the total system. In Polarity Therapy, this is accomplished by accessing the energetic body through conscious, energy-based touch of the physical body.

The 5 Ayurvedic Elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are central to the practice of Polarity, as well as a deep listening to the energetic currents, sacred geometry and rhythms of the body. The language of the 5 Ayurvedic Elements gives Polarity Therapy the ability to be specific and focused in its work, making connections between mental, physical and emotional manifestations of the same elemental energies. With a common language for different manifestations of the same energy, a common solution can be found to manifestations of imbalance that might not be connected by western “map”. The ultimate goal of Polarity is resonant harmony within the total body, accomplished by the unwinding and re-balancing of the energetic systems, lines of force and structure, and mind-patterns that underlie all other aspects of our being.

"I had a 60 minute Polarity Therapy session with Mea and it gave me a feeling of strength, safety and sheer bliss!!! I felt respected and understood completely by Mea and today I feel calmer, more centered and more positive." 

"I saw Mea for a polarity session, not really knowing what to expect, just knowing that I needed some help physically and emotionally. The session was relaxing and I felt welcome and at ease. By the next day, I noticed significant improvement in my body and my outlook.I want to recommend Mea to everyone I know!"

"Mea is a wonderful person and a very skilled professional. Mea brought the perfect blend of intuition, intellect, and knowledge to my polarity session. Mea has a true gift and is a master in their field. I have seen remarkable results after my first session, and I will continue working with them."​

"I have had one session of Polarity Therapy, so far, with Mea. This was my first experience and Mea made me feel safe and comfortable, they made enough time for me before and after to chat about the experience. The session itself was incredible. In my view polarity is meditation intensified and supported with loving care."

"I had a Reiki/Polarity energy work session with Mea and it was truly wonderful. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and negative feelings and Mea helped me unwind internally and I left feeling like a could actually breathe again. The best part is that the treatment that Mea provided has stayed with me for several days and left me feeling much lighter and energetic all around. I will definitely see Mea again in the and would highly recommend them."


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