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Distance Sessions

To work within the energetic realm is to remember genuine connection unbound by the constraints of perceived space and time. We are physical bodies, having cellular processes and linear lives, but we are also energetic beings, existing within the infinite realm of Quantum possibility. Many systems of energy-based work utilize the concept of “Distance Work”, each with their own philosophy and approach. Within the system of traditional Reiki, “Distance Work” is approached as a practice of remembering that, in Truth, we are all One. In contrast to the concept of travelling across distance, through Reiki’s teachings, “Distance Work” is a practice of dissolving the illusion of distance. In this state genuine connection and presence can occur, providing the recipient with an experience of connection to their own center, to the flow of Universal Life Force Energy, and to the experience of deep witness, in the same way one may experience Reiki in an in-person table session.

The flow of a distance session is similar to that of an in-person session. The practice is initiated with a conversation via phone or Skype to create a space for witness and an opportunity to set intention for the Work. The session is conducted with the client relaxing in a quiet space, in tune with their breath and the sensations of their system. At the conclusion of the practice, there is time to connect again via phone or Skype to hold a container for the session, to offer an opportunity to process the experience and to transmit any information that occurred during the session.

If you have further questions about Distance Sessions, please contact Mea!

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