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Certification Courses

Training to become a practitioner of the work that illuminates your center is an act of service both to the world and to your own Path. In training in the modalities that speak to our souls, we are given an opportunity to deepen our own healing and personal spiritual development, as well as to gain tools to be of service to those around us.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” -  Rumi

Traditional Usui Reiki

Traditional Usui Reiki is a comprehensive system of personal spiritual development, as well as a practice of hands-on healing. In training to become an Usui Reiki practitioner, an individual is not only becoming certified as a hands-on healing practitioner, but they are also entering a journey of self discovery to cultivate a life of deeper inner peace, knowledge and freedom. The experience of training through the levels of traditional Usui Reiki is one that is deeply personal, offering us an equal measure of healing for the self and the opportunity to move that healing into the world in service to others. Each level of the system of Reiki contains not only hands-on healing techniques, but also meditations and tools for daily living that bring us into deeper connection with our sacred center and our True Self. Certification courses may happen over a certain period of time - days or weeks - but they are just beginnings of the lessons that unfold and are available to us at each level of the practice. Training in Reiki is a lifetime endeavor that will only bring us ever-deeper into both true knowing and divine mystery.

More About Traditional Usui Reiki

The 3 Levels of the System of Reiki

Reiki I/Shoden (Initiation or Initial Teachings): The Shoden level is the foundation of the entire system of Reiki. Within these teachings, the student practitioner is initiated into the roots of the practice.

Reiki II/Okuden (Inner Teachings): The Okuden degree brings us deeper both within the system of Reiki, and within ourselves. Having had an initial experience of our True Nature in the Shoden/1st Degree, and resting firmly on the practices learned there, the Okuden Degree takes us on a journey from Divine Self into the Divinity of All.

Reiki III/Shinpiden (Mystery Teachings): It is in the 3rd Degree that we are initiated into the center of the Mystery, and a lifetime of learning directly from source. Through Reiki philosophy, techniques, and working with the 4th and final symbol and mantra of the system of Reiki we learn how to consciously embody our own Light and to assist others in remembering theirs.

More About The 3 Levels

Recovery Reiki Certification Courses
with Mea Starr Tavares (Shinpiden, RTM) & Johanna Warren (RTM)

Reiki as a system of personal spiritual development has many tools to offer people in recovery from substance use disorders and other forms of addiction. As a system, Reiki includes not only practices for hands-on healing for the self and others which offer substance-free supports for clinically proven reductions in stress, anxiety and pain*, but also daily meditation practices and wise instructions for living that assist us in navigating daily life and recovery from a place of internal balance. Reiki translates to “Universal Life Force Energy” or “Spirit Energy”. Through the practice of Reiki, each person has the opportunity to rediscover their own innate Light, their Center, and their True Nature. In this way, Reiki practices can support the healing process of recovery through tangible tools that give us a road map home to ourselves.

Individuals who receive training through this Recovery Reiki program are fully certified as Reiki practitioners, (1st, 2nd or 3rd Degree, depending on applicable level of training *link to levels*) empowering them not only with a system of tools and practices to support their own recovery journeys, but also to be of service to their communities. For those interested in developing skill-sets in the caring professions, Reiki training serves as vocational education in the constantly developing fields of mindfulness and the healing arts. Recovery Reiki training can serve to meet a dynamic range of needs - from tools for self-care and self-discovery, to community service, to professional development.

"All I can say is WOW! The Reiki I training I did with Mea and Johanna was amazing. I myself am in recovery and have been searching for a way to take my spirituality to a new level and I definitely found that. I have struggled in and out of recovery for 5 years and it has always come down to not having a spiritual practice as well as having a feeling of disconnect. Since taking the first training course my life has literally changed in a matter of a few weeks. My spirituality has expanded exponentially, I have been more connected than ever as well as having true, meaningful connections with people that I come in contact with." - Recovery Reiki Shoden Level Program Participant/Practitioner

If your program or facility wishes to host a Recovery Reiki training in your area, please contact Mea.

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